Spark’s Campus Champions include a campus-wide network of support to assist UT students who have experienced foster care in achieving educational success through support and encouragement.

Spark’s Support Network: Become a Campus Champion

At Spark, our Campus Champions form a vital network that empowers foster care alumni to excel academically and thrive on campus. Their role is pivotal in fostering a nurturing environment where students can confidently address challenges, knowing they’re supported by staff and faculty trained in trauma-informed care.

Our Champions work tirelessly to remove institutional hurdles, providing resources, advocacy, and guidance. This network is not just supportive—it’s influential, encompassing decision-makers and advisors across campus.

Join the Movement

We offer flexible online and in-person workshops designed to equip faculty, staff, and administrators with the skills to support our students’ academic, emotional, and social well-being through a strengths-based framework.

Commit to the cause by completing the workshop and signing the Campus Champion Pledge. Advocates will receive a Spark Advocate card to display in their workspace and the option to be recognized on our website.

As one Spark freshman said, “Campus Champions show that someone cared to understand my story.”

Join the Movement

Join our next online training session in January 2024. To register or learn more, reach out to Shannon Mann-Butler.