Spark Partners
  • Horns Helping Horns
    • Financially independent youth who have experienced foster care may be eligible for the Horns Helping Horns program. To apply, please fill out the following HHH application. If you have any questions, please contact New Student Services at Applications are closed for Spring 2019. HHH helps students by purchasing textbooks each semester, providing advising and mentors, and hosting educational and social opportunities throughout the year. Depending on funding available HHH can help with health and wellbeing services, graduation expenses, software, finding scholarships, study abroad, and Texas Exes memberships. If funding is not available Spark will be able to help students in our program with these costs as well, in addition to other resources.
UT Student Success Initiatives
  • 360 Connections
    • Coming to UT with around 8,000 new classmates can be overwhelming, but in addition to Spark you can find a 360 Connection group to participate in during your first year for additional support and a way to make some new friends in smaller groups. 360 Connections typically meet once a week, have about 20 students in them, and have a peer and staff mentor to connect the group to the university.
  • Major Switch
    • Major Switch was created to give students struggling in STEM classes a better chance at success by allowing these students the opportunity to transfer to non-STEM major courses mid-semester, save their GPAs, and get on the road to finding the right academic fit.
  • PACE (Path to Admission through co-enrollment)
    • The program PACE (Path to Admission through Co-Enrollment) is offered to selected students who applied for admission to UT Austin as a defined way to earn a bachelor’s degree from the UT Austin College of Liberal Arts. Participants take the majority of their classes at ACC, plus one course per semester from a pre-approved list of courses at UT Austin.
  • University Leadership Network
    • Each year, 500 freshmen are selected to begin the program. ULN includes a comprehensive four-year plan that involves leadership training, experiential learning opportunities, and university service. The ULN program helps students to develop academic and leadership skills consistent with graduating in four years.
Other University Offices
On-Campus Tutoring/Academic Support